Join the Future of Work where Anything is Possible

We're building a feel-good co-working/co-living network in Southeast AsiaWhy?
- to reshape the future
- to evoke authentic sharing
- to build ethical & sustainable ventures with core team
- to unleash learnings
- to empower through equity in ownership and decentralization of decision-making

We're calling it Tedacious Hubs

A network of co-living/co-working spaces to facilitate collaboration, inspire consciousness, build teams, collect ideas, practice experiential learning, prototype ideas, validate teams and ideas and create a syndicate of B-corps to maximize impact on a holistic spectrum.

This is the Future is Remote work. Where will You Work From?

A recent Upwork study found that 47% of millennials already engage in freelance work. While 74% are curious about freelancing. In short, we're prototyping the future of work.

You receive basic income & shared equity while decentralised DM

Based on Equity in Ownership & Decentralisation of Decisionmaking

You get to define your own work culture and make an impact with your own decisions. The core-team of 12 impact-venture builders will lead open-prototyping in troikas at each Hub.

Be Accountable through the Blockchain

Through human-centered technologies and rapid experiential co-learning cycles we boost consciousness. Learnings are open-source & organized in a mind-blowing roadmap format.

Measuring Value in the 21st. By Value-Reciprocity Token-System

Value-reciprocity is key for sustainable motivation. We created a paradigm-shifting value-reciprocity token. To empower genuine collaboration based on token exchanges for value.

Are you an Exceptional, Social-Impact focused Entrepreneur?

We might be that tribe you were looking for!
With us, you'll be able to do edgy-creative work in a collaborative setting on the island of your choice. (mine is Ko Phangan)

Tedacious Hub’s impact is unmatched to other single-focused projects. As we share the common goal of advancing paradigm shifting research and gaining new insights and empirical solutions for a conscious and human-centered way of how we work and how we live. Leading to a disruption in how companies and markets will operate sustainably.

Tedacious Hub is waiting for you

Tap into the power of an audacious network

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